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I am pleased to be bringing Pre-Primary Ballet/Creative Movement, Primary Ballet, and Level 1 ballet to Academy of Culture & Arts at St. Sebastian's in Akron, OH! Classes are held on Tuesdays, September 12- December 12, 2023. Register today!

Methods of payment- PayPal, Venmo, and personal check


Venmo- @MegStu22

Pre-Primary Ballet/ Creative Movement (Ages 3&4)
Tuesdays- 2:45-3:15
12 weeks- $100

This engaging 30-minute class is tailored for preschool-age children to explore creative movement through music. They will develop essential physical and social skills while learning to channel their energy in a positive way. This program focuses on promoting creativity, muscle development, self-control, and building confidence and positive self-esteem. In a nurturing environment, students will be introduced to basic dance concepts (space, time, energy), classroom etiquette, and the fundamentals of ballet. Students must be potty trained and capable of participating without a parent.

Primary Ballet (Ages 5&6)
Tuesdays 3:30-4:15
12 weeks- $125

Primary Level is a 45-minute class that is specially designed for kindergarten and first graders. This engaging program combines classical ballet, pre-ballet, and creative movement, offering a delightful dance experience for children. Primary ballet students will be introduced to ballet exercises, proper placement, posture, and ballet vocabulary. In a supportive and imaginative environment, the children will explore the joy of dance and gain newfound confidence.

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Level 1 (Ages 7+)
Tuesdays 4:30-5:30

12 weeks- $150

Level 1 dancers will learn the fundamentals of classical ballet, including vocabulary and basic arms and feet positions. Ballet offers numerous benefits, such as enhancing poise, balance, and overall muscle strength, especially in the core. Through graceful movement and exercises, students develop excellent coordination and physical awareness. Level 1 will emphasize proper placement and technique, ensuring each dancer receives personalized attention and guidance. 

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